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Meet Terrance X. Johnson: a man of many titles, but most passionately, the Founder and CEO of the Evolution Podcast—a platform not just for conversations, but for life-changing transformations. Simultaneously, as the visionary behind TCJ AeroTech, LLC, an Atlanta-based drone technology R&D powerhouse, Terrance's influence spans industries and borders.

The Evolution Now Podcast is where Terrance truly shines, offering invaluable insights aimed at enriching lives and empowering businesses.  In each episode, Terrance uncovers the keys to personal and professional transformation, setting the stage for real change and growth.  The Evolution Now Podcast is a hub for individuals seeking to level up and changes their lives, persons seeking Personal & Spiritual Development, and individuals looking to expand business operations and profitability.  His broader philosophy in teaching people to believe that “they can do anything” is merely the starting point for greater achievements. 

Mr. Johnson’s influences span industries and borders.  Mr. Johnson is no stranger to the complexities of the business world. He has over two decades of executive management experience, with industry giants such as ABC/Walt Disney Corporation and Magic Johnson Enterprises.  His global reach and influences are vast and include a seat on the Corporate Advisory Board of the Indian American International Chamber of Commerce and business ventures from India to the UK.

His prowess isn't just in podcasts and corporate corridors; it thrives in the tech revolution he's sparking with TCJ AeroTech. As an FAA-certified pilot, Terrance is committed to changing the world through drone technology, particularly by tapping into the vast economic potential of minority consumers on the U.S. Eastern Coast.

Beyond his professional ventures, Mr. Johnson is an incredible mentor, eager to pass on the wisdom gathered from his extensive experience. He's a proud Veteran of the U.S. Military and attended Morgan State University.  Mr. Johnson resides in Atlanta, GA, he is a devoted Husband of 28 years, a Father and Grandfather.

Whether through the Evolution Podcast or TCJ AeroTech, Terrance X. Johnson is not just leaving an imprint; he's constructing legacies that promise to elevate humanity for generations to come.

" Who you are is good enough, be yourself you don't have to put on a mask."

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